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Our Philosophy


The name, North Star refers to the steady dependable northern star that many have used to light their path to ensure a safe journey and return home.


Symbolic Meaning of the North Star


The North Star can also symbolically be that which is a steady set of values or standards, positive role model, guiding structure, nurturing discipline, or perhaps a spiritual steadiness that lights one's course.  North Star Treatment Center integrates faith-based Christian values within the therapeutic process of recovery, structure, supervision, and overall treatment.  We believe... With God, all things are possible.  -Matthew 19:26


An Inner North Star that Guides


True North is the inner compass that aides you effectively through life. It speaks to your identity as a person at your most profound level. It is your guiding point - your fixed point in a changing world - that helps you remain on track as a leader.


We believe there are guiding Star's in our life meant for each of us to realize.  For those who have lost their true north, and need help finding their guiding Star once again. Each child who has found their true north, through treatment, counseling, structure, supervision, and the ability to be a mentoring leader to others as a light, shares the responsibility to a vital lesson....that each teenager must find their own North Star, and claim the life they were meant to live. 


Leadership: A Guiding Star for Others


Although the Star of Bethlehem and the North Star are not the same, they do share similar meaning and expressions.  We understand the Star of Bethlehem guided the 3 wise men to the Christ child, the one who exclaimed, "I am the way, the truth and the life," (John 14:6), a light to the world, and a sure dependable steady fixed point for those who believe in Him.  The very ONE who is the "Light of the World."  -John 8:12


Our philosophy is that, the North Star at night is one of the brightest in the heavenly skies, the most steadfast, dependable, guiding light for all weary travelers, to have a sure point to help them back to safety, regardless of how dark the night maybe.


We believe the similarity between these 2 different stars, brings a united purpose that directs each teen to seek their true north, a guiding light, a Northern Star that can help teen boys claim their full potential for reaching the goals and aspirations that will direct their future for the better. 


Here at North Star Treatment Center, we help struggling teenage boys find their True North, and learn to live up to the potential that is within them.  Today starts the journey..."From Struggle to Strength."

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