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Who We Help


The typical North Star patient is an average kid from a good family. He has many talents and great potential. However, this good kid is now dealing with depression, anxiety.  He is currently participating in self-destructive behavior: struggling with substance abuse and/or addictions, school failure, and other self-harming acts of rebellion.


North Star accepts patients who exhibit emotional and/or behavioral problems which prevent them from functioning adequately in their home or community environments. Referrals to our program are initiated by psychiatrists, therapists, or mental health professionals. We also receive referrals from school counselors, substance abuse counselors, clergy, and direct referrals from parents.


Typical Patient Profile we accept:

    • Addiction
    • ADD/ADHD
    • Anxiety and/or Depression
    • Emotional and behavioral problems
    • Failed attempts in less restrictive treatment setting
    • History of running away
    • Lack of coping skills
    • Low self-esteem or poor self-image
    • Mild to moderate learning disabilities (I.Q. must be above 85)
    • Oppositional Defiant disorder (ODD)
    • Poor anger management skills
    • Poor impulse control
    • Problems at school/declining Academic performance
    • Problems with authority
    • Substance abuse/alcohol abuse
    • Unmotivated


These are the Issues we do NOT accept:

    • Asperger syndrome
    • Conduct disorder
    • Reactive Attachment Disorders (RAD)
    • Recent suicide risks within the past 3 months
    • S.O.'s (predatory history)


If you are a parent who is unsure of that specific issues your child may have, please take our TEST, and Assess the needs of your child HERE.