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Why Choose Us?


This response came from a patient under the tutelage of North Star's Director quite sometime ago.  The child said....

"I'm so glad I came here, because although I came for other reasons, I feel like I learned more than what I initially came here for.  I'd recommend every kid come here.  It makes good kids great, and great kids even better."

- W. Smith


Why is North Star Treatment Center the Best Choice?


We are a treatment program that sets the boundaries on the types of clients we will work with.  What does that really mean?  We understand that organizations that do not set boundaries for the right type of clients they will work with and accepts any and every client, it is easy to have clients with various issues that may be extreme versus those that are less severe hindering progress for all.  This soon puts all others at risk, and North Star is dedicated on ensuring a common ground of acceptance for all patients.