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Can Adolescent Depression Treatment Really Help?


Life is precious, and we have much to be thankful for, but no one can deny that this world can also be dark and difficult to live in. Most people are inclined to believe that depression is a choice. That it’s not a real disease, and those who struggle with it are simply sad and need to snap out of it. This is a sad reality that affects sufferers in very damaging ways. When minds are young and ready to be molded, being told that what you’re feeling is imaginary can be painful, and detrimental. But, unfortunately, not many people are aware that depression can, and does affect adolescents. Take Marcus as an example. Marcus can be whoever you like him to be. He can be your son, your brother; maybe a student in your class, or the noisy young thing that lives next door to you. He is handsome and has a blessed life. On the surface, everything seems perfect.


The Hidden Realms of Depression

The more you take notice of Marcus, the more you see how troubled he is. He doesn’t smile as much as he used to. He does stupid things to impress his friends. His grades are slacking, and he is a bit too girl crazy for his own good. The other kids in town are beginning not to like him. They call him names. They say that he’s good for nothing. That his parents are to blame, and that all the bad things he does are for attention. There are a few people who have Marcus’s back, but sometimes, even they think he is just naughty, rebellious, and going through a phase that is sure to fade with time. Marcus, however, is being torn up inside. He knows that something is wrong with him. He doesn’t feel okay. But he’s afraid of telling anyone because he knows that no one will believe him. Marcus loves life, or at least, he tries to. But deep down, he doesn’t feel worthy of it. He thinks he is a waste of space. He feels numb most of the time. He feels lost, and confused, and sometimes wishes he were never born.


Occasionally, spending time with his family and his friends brings some light into his life, but most of the time, the closest he comes to feeling alive is when he does dangerous things. He knows that he is being reckless and that his lifestyle is unhealthy, but at the back of his mind, he feels that if something terrible were to happen to him, it wouldn’t matter. He is not looking for attention. He is not acting out because he thinks it’s cool. All he wants is to feel okay, but since nothing helps, the next best thing is to escape. Still, he is ashamed, and he is afraid, so no one knows. No one will ever know. Teenagers can’t be depressed- he’s been told. So he pretends he is okay, even though he is the furthest thing from it.


Teen Depression Help

There is no reason in this world for Marcus to suffer in silence. Teen depression help and adolescent depression treatment is now easily accessible so that Marcus, and so many others like him, can live the healthy, happy lives as everyone deserves. The road to recovery is easy, and Marcus needs to understand that there is nothing to be afraid and no shame in getting better. Teen depression treatment can be much like treating depression in adults, but the biggest difference is that children should not be medicated when they can be nurtured and guided instead.




There are many options available to Marcus, and North Star Treatment Center can help him determine which solution is best for him. But Marcus cannot do it alone. He needs support, and who best to help him through this difficult time than his family and friends. Marcus’s mother can opt for a teenage depression test for parents because he is one of the few people who understands that Marcus, who he loves very much, is not crazy. This test will pinpoint and confirm exactly what sort of depression Marcus is struggling with and will set him on the correct path toward a healthy future. Marcus is willing to do whatever it takes to feel better, and so, has settled in to North Star Treatment Center. He is happy that he has found a place that won’t judge him, and he is so thankful that recovery awaits.


The North Star Treatment Center

Here at the North Star Treatment Center, we provide a safe haven where troubled teens can overcome misunderstood conditions such as depression and anxiety. One of the components utilized is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; a tried and tested method of combating depression without medication or medical procedures. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of counseling that reverses negative thought trends and habits and replaces them with healthy, positive ones. It functions on the foundation that our thoughts, feelings, and behavior is connected, and once negative thoughts are healed, a return to normalcy can occur.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy also stands out, because it is not psychology. It focuses on the patient’s present situation and has been proven to produce effective results. At the North Star Treatment Center, not only will youth have a safe place to reside, loving hands to guide them to recovery, and access to the best and most efficient treatments for depression; they will also have access to our educational facilities, so that once they are rehabilitated, and return home ready to lead a joyous life, nothing will have been lost.


It Starts With You

If you know someone like Marcus, and have concerns that they might be depressed, look out for these warning signs; Poor grades, withdrawal from social groups and activities, persistent sadness, lethargy and lack of motivation, low self- esteem, poor diet and sleeping habits, self- harm, promiscuity and substance abuse. If you would like to reach out to them, remember; depression is a difficult disorder to have. Make them feel loved and be reassuring in your guidance. You can also direct them to someone they trust, who will help them get the help they require. But never ignore the warning signs. Many lives have been lost to depression. Adolescents have the right to live well. Sometimes they just need a helping hand. Contact us here at North Star Treatment and let us provide your teen help.