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Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth


For the parents who are looking for a dual immersion on the faith of Christianity and academics, they will find it by enrolling their child at one of many Christian Boarding Schools.  The academic of these boarding schools are considered rigorous, and they are also focused on two curricula-general and religious subject.  Those who want their kids to experience learning and spiritual growth will find this boarding school beneficial.  Regardless if their child is showing some signs of losing faith or if they are deeply committed with their Christian faith these schools for troubled teens will provide them critical thought and self exploration.  They will find it a perfect opportunity to enhance the Christian faith of their children.


Christian Boarding Schools:  Cultivating Your Identity as a Christian

Christian Boarding Schools for troubled youth are intended to foster the identity of the kids as Christian believers.  The education that they offer will extend beyond the four walls of the classroom.  They are designed to encourage the troubled teens to discuss the materials of the classroom and to keep intact with their task throughout the day.  This is a great chance for their teens to be surrounded by fellow Christians who share the same positive energy and share the same social environment.


Teens who enrolled in the Christian Boarding Schools attested to the efficacy of these boarding schools when assisting them with their struggle in life.  One student claimed that it help her foster her faith, respect, and acceptance of the opposing perspective of various people.  They feel that there is a strong sense of community within the facility and they know that they have a place to go to whenever they need it.


The Benefits of Enrolling in Christian Boarding Schools

There have been a lot of misconceptions about the boarding schools for troubled youth.  This is because they were inaccurately painted by the pop culture.  The depictions of these boarding schools are often exaggerated in books, films, and TV.   Fortunately, the normal situation inside the facility is not like the things we see in the movies.  It is actually an opportunity for the kids to learn various life skills with an unbridled access to high-quality academic education.


Understanding Priorities and Learning Independence

Parents can give their most valuable gift to their child when they enrolled them to schools for troubled teens.  For most parents who want to be proactive and are hoping to be involved in the different aspects of their kid’s life, the boarding school can be a powerful antidote.  Your kids will be obliged to navigate freely on the different elements and the daily routine.  The parents will not be there to wake them up or to do their laundry.  They will have no one to shield them from the regular cause and effect of the situation.  They will be exposed in failure and success and will understand the nature of controlled freedom.


Boarding schools for troubled youth is the perfect way to strengthen their self-initiative and leadership.  With the current state of our society, some parents are finding it hard to cultivate the essential traits, and the Christian Boarding Schools serve as an essential outlet when nurturing these qualities.


Create Personal Growth and Have a Sense of Community

A survey was conducted on the different Christian Boarding schools, and they found out that the main thing that the students appreciate is the strong sense of community.  We all know that the academics offered by the regular schools is essential, but once these students moved to the university, they will not remember their academic class, but they will remember the sense of community, their life in the dorm, outdoor adventures and other memorable occasions.  The boarding schools create a bond that unites the students of the boarding schools regardless of their gender, age and culture.


Academic Opportunities

Schools for troubled teens provide an opportunity for these struggling students to nurture their connection with their teachers since it comes with smaller classes.  Teachers who are working in the Christian boarding schools look at their profession as a vocation and not a job.  They understand that they play a major role in influencing the students.  Teachers are often obliged to stay in campus where they can share their meals with the students.  This type of environment will be difficult if not impossible to replicate by the regular schools.  Some students highly attribute these boarding schools for troubled youth on the development of their interest on more important stuff.  Ted Rogers who owns one of the biggest telecommunication companies all over the world claims that boarding school plays a critical role in his success.


Christian Boarding Schools are also designed to prepare you for your life outside the university.  With the academic and social preparation that these boarding schools offer, they can ensure the success of your kids while fostering their faith in Christianity.  North Star is a Residential Treatment Center with a Christian belief background combined with a rigorous boarding school curriculum.  Let us at North Star help you and your child.