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School Problems and Solutions


Joana is a single mom.  Most of the time she is busy with her work, and she has hardly any time left to take care of her child.  She thought that her 14-year old son is no longer a kid and perfectly capable of taking care of himself.  Little did she know that her kid is suffering from the inside?  By the time she became aware of her kid’s problems and behavioral issues, the regular school and their home is no longer the suitable place to provide help.   For those parents who are facing the same situation, this is the perfect time for you to consider sending your teens to schools for troubled youth.


When your child is being sent-away, you should not easily consider this as a bad thing.  Look at it as an opportunity to provide them therapy, professional and consistent counseling in a safe and secured environment.  Your kid is different from the others, the solution that works on a particular kid will not necessarily mean that they will work for your kid. 


Situations Where You Should Consider Therapeutic Boarding Schools Utah


Schools for troubled youth are therapeutic and highly structured designed to help the troubled teenagers.  They feature a scheduled and working sessions designed to stimulate mental, behavioral, physical and emotional senses.  Apart from the therapy that they will receive, they will also be provided with the formal education.  This is to help them catch up with the education, so they will not feel left behind once they leave the boarding school.  All these features may sound desirable for you, but perhaps you are still deciding if your teen needs to be enrolled at the boarding school.  Here are some situations that are commonly faced by parents who decided to enroll their kids into our therapeutic school.


  • Alcohol Abuse- Base on the research, 35% of the teenagers who reached 15 years of age have already tried alcoholic drinks.  Teenagers are starting to try alcohols by the start of their middle school.    And there are instances where most of them will be dependent on alcohols.  This is a major sign that therapeutic boarding schools Utah is necessary.


  • Drug Abuse- According to the numbers released by, about 34.9% teens have experienced using marijuana.  7.7% have tried amphetamine, and 19.8% are using Hookah.  Drug use on teens may lead to criminal doings, or they may be arrested for selling or possessing drugs.  With the help of the boarding school, problems and solutions can be provided through detoxification, recovery and keeping them away from the peer pressure and drugs.


  • Committing Illegal Activities- Juveniles are involved in at least 8% of the homicide that occurs in US.  While the thought of incarceration might scare the teen, around 50%-75% of teens are still committing crimes after their life at the juvenile detention.  The Therapeutic Boarding Schools Utah is the best solution to turn around the situation.


  • Behavioral and Mental Issues- Around 50% of the dropped out teens are suffering from mental illness.   50% of mental illness that will last a lifetime will start to show some signs by the age of 14 and above.  Behavioral disorders such as ADHD, anxiety disorder and mood disorders are all considered as mental illness.  Related symptoms of these mental conditions may lead disrupt the normal life, severe depression, suicidal tendency and committing crimes.   Youths who are suffering from mental illness will benefit from schools for kids with ADHD?  They will be able to receive the right method of education, therapy, and medication that will support their condition effectively.


There are different conditions and situations that will help you decide if your teen needs professional counseling and help.  In case you are currently pondering if your kids need the help of the schools for troubled youth, there is a great chance that he really needs the help.  Contact us immediately and we will be able to help you with your concern.  We can guide you through the different options that you have for your kids and we will be able to provide them with the help that they need.  Your kids deserve someone who can understand them and a facility that can support their needs.