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Are there Grants for Therapeutic Boarding Schools?


One of the most common things that parents say about their teen is “every teen goes through this.” There are many behaviors that are normal like acting out or being disrespectful, but there is a point when they cross a line. When people think about schools for troubled teens, they think that the parents of the students failed in one way or another. However, schools for troubled teens help teens who have drug abuse problems or ADHD, ODD, OCD, ADD or other behavioral problems.


Chris was one of the many teens in the United States with depression and ADHD. Even though Chris had been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, most of his teachers thought that he just could not sit still or would not listen to them. He had problems throughout school most of his life because his teachers would remove him from the classroom for distracting other children.


Once Chris entered high school, his problems became worse because he started to develop depression. This made it even harder for Chris’s parents to get him to go to school and to attend all of his classes. Chris was very smart and could complete all of his work on time, but had no wish to sit in a classroom. The guidance counselor became worried about Chris, as his marks were high, but his attendance record was low. After speaking with Chris about why he was skipping so many classes, the guidance counselor contacted Chris’s parents. She recommended that his parents look into ADHD boarding schools as the school Chris was at had no programs to help him, and she was worried that he would have more problems in the future. His parents were worried about placing him in a boarding school because they did not have the money. The guidance counselor informed them the about grants for therapeutic boarding schools. It took a few weeks to decide if sending Chris to a boarding school was the best option. In the end, he and his parents decided that switching schools was the best option for him. Chris was able to focus more and achieve higher grades because his teachers understood ADHD and how to teach students with behavioral issues.


How to Tell the Difference between Normal Teen Behavior and Inappropriate Behavior


It can be difficult to say exactly what normal teen behavior is because each teen is different and there can be huge changes in their behavior. Most teens fall somewhere between well-behaved or out of control and move on the scale depending on the day. Some ‘normal’ behaviors can include:

  • Being late
  • Not wanting to hang out with their family
  • Being short-tempered
  • Being easily frustrated or moody
  • Restless and discontented.


This can be unpleasant, but these are a few of the first ways that preteens and teens learn about the adult world, and start to move away from their parents. However, there are behaviors that are not ‘normal’ and are warning signs that could be something else going on. These behaviors include:

  • Being intimidating, threatening and verbally abusive
  • Being destructive or physically assaultive
  • Stealing
  • Getting arrested
  • Staying out all night or not coming home for days at a time
  • Coming home high or drunk
  • Abusive to pets or siblings
  • Skipping School


Ignoring these signs or calling them normal usually leads to many problems later on. If you are noticing these behaviors, you should speak with a professional to find out what the best course of action is. Most parents know where the line is, but many choose to ignore it because it is embarrassing to say their teen has a problem. However, not addressing the behavior now can lead to your teen ending up in jail or worse.


How to Help Your Teen?


When you are dealing with inappropriate or dangerous behavior, you should speak with professionals. Youth drug rehabilitation programs and schools for troubled teens can be the answer, especially if you have tried helping your teen at home and it has not worked. Sending your child away can be painful, but you need to realize that they need specialized help to get better. If you would like to know more about schools for troubled teens, please contact us for more details.