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How do Schools for Troubled Boys Help?


What is happening to our children? Have we failed as parents? Have we failed as a society? What is really going on? We live in an age where more and more teenagers are getting pregnant, using all kinds of drugs or committing suicide. If we do not put an end to this, we will be staring at a future that is looking bleak and with no hope at all. Such times call for desperate measures – schools for troubled boys


The Numbers

So bad is this issue affecting our teenagers, the numbers are just staggering. About 1,500 teenagers will attempt suicide in the next 24 hours, with the likelihood of men/boys dying 3.5 times more often than women/girls. In 2014, the suicide rate stood at 12.93 percent (according to


In the next 24 hours, over 15,000 teenagers will use drugs for the first time. Runaway teenagers account for over 3500 individuals (daily) in the United States. In 2 hours, a teenager will be killed. In every 7 minutes, a teenager will be arrested for drug-related incidences.


If these numbers are something to go by, the future might see a low number of adults as most of them either committed suicide while they were teenagers or died from drug-related complications. Do you have a child which is suffering from drug and substance abuse – our inpatient drug rehab for teenagers is what you need.


Warning Signs of a Troubled Boy

  1. Negative Lifestyle Changes –Children may begin to exhibit negative lifestyle changes in simple things such as changing the way they dress, do their hair or the kind of music they listen to. Watch out for behaviors such as dying their hair, dressing down or listening to heavy metal, rap, and/or punk music. Our schools for troubled boys will help reform your boy.

  2. Keeping The Wrong Company –Has he shifted to an unfamiliar group of boys that you are unaware of? Is he hanging out in the wrong neighborhood? Do his new friends use drugs and drink alcohol? Try finding out what he does when he’s not around the neighborhood.

  3. Tardiness/Truancies –School performance reflects on a certain behavior. If he is skipping classes and missing school, it might suggest that he is using drugs. Ensure that from time to time, you make phone calls to the school to enquire about your boy’s attendance record.

  4. Isolation –Does he seem distant? If he is constantly keeping away from the family, opting to hang out with friends, then something is definitely wrong. Try finding out what your son has been up to while he was away, chances are that if he was up to no good, he won’t tell you. We recommend sending him to our schools for troubled boys.

  5. Altered sleeping patterns –Does he sleep late and refuse to wake up for school? Is he sleeping to much or too little? Chances are that he is using– drugs which are changing his sleeping patterns. These drugs will keep him active thus affecting daily activities as he is too tired to do any activities during the day.

  6. Paranoia –Does he come at you like you were the enemy? Is he constantly unsettled like there is someone is out to get them? While this might be commonly mistaken as normal adolescent behavior in teens, chances are that he is using.

  7. Verbal Diarrhea – Have you noticed that he has started using curse words and adapted foul language in his vocabulary? If so, he’s probably suffering from peer pressure. Moreover, he might be using – drugs have a tendency to give you the perception that you are bigger than everyone and therefore he talks to anyone the way he wants to. Our inpatient drug rehab for teenagers is designed for this kind of behavior.


What to Do – Residential Facilities for Troubled Youth

If your teenager is exhibiting these signs and symptoms, then it is safe to say that you have a serious problem which requires immediate attention. By immediate attention I mean, enrolling your teenager to our residential facilities for troubled youth. Our program aims to mold your child into a respectable, loved person in the community.


Our program has worked with many teenage boys that seemed like help would not make an impact. We believe that our inpatient drug rehab for teenagers can make a positive difference to help your child recover. 


In conclusion, if you have any questions, suggestions or inquiries about our residential facilities for troubled youth, feel free to contact us. Moreover, if you have a troubled teenager that you would like to rescue before they end up hurting or killing themselves, do not hesitate. Call us immediately and let us save your troubled teenager from themselves.