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Low-Cost and Affordable Schools for Troubled Youth


It took a while before Lisa admitted that she has a troubled teenager and she needs immediate help.  She is deeply concerned about the condition of her son, but there are certain factors that are preventing her from reaching the help of the professionals.  She did a research and found out that the average cost of the boarding schools will take away half of the annual insurance of the family.  It seems that most people who have troubled teenagers are avoiding getting professional help due to the cost that comes with it.  But this shouldn’t be the case, there are lots of therapeutic boarding schools that take insurance that are not only affordable, but they are also effective.


The Affordable Residential Treatment Centers


Most boarding schools that are designed to provide help and guidance to the troubled youth usually faces an immense cost in running the entire facility, paying for professional teachers and counselors and housing the youth.  This means that they have no choice but to charge an elevated tuition fee in order to handle that excessive cost.  To recognize the demand for affordable schools for troubled youth, there are facilities for united healthcare behavioral health for teenagers who managed to find ways to cut the expenses and make it more affordable for the general populations.


Here are some ways on how the boarding schools can reduce the expenses which translates on a more affordable tuition fee.

  • There are other resources such as financial grants and aid that can be accessed through the non-profit organization.  They are mostly part of the government and an industry that is dedicated to help the teenagers.


  • Sliding Scale plans is an increasingly popular method used by the affordable residential treatment centers.   In this method, the family will only be charged with the amount that they can basically afford.


  • Scholarship grants may be accessible in different boarding schools.  Some schools may be prepared to reduce the tuition fee for the students who are qualified.  Requirements on the scholarship may vary from different schools.


  • Families with limited income may also qualify for the reduced plan or tuition-free depending on their capacity to contribute and the annual household income.


Parents who have troubled teens and are desperately seeking help should not be discouraged by the cost of the boarding schools.  There are Affordable Residential Treatment Centers which will ensure that your current financial state will not restrict you from seeking professional help for your troubled youth.  Most boarding schools have financial representatives that can guide you through your different options.  You have at least 4 types of affordable treatment for your child such as:


  • Outpatient counseling- This is a weekly meeting where the interaction will be guided by the professional counselor.  The goal of the counselor is to guide the troubled youth in exploring that issues that causes their behavior.  They are inexpensive and most of them are within the local community that eliminates the cost of transportation.


  • Recreational Therapy- Affordable schools for troubled youth also offer recreational therapy.   This aims to help the teenager to find an answer to their issues by subjecting them through various kinds of recreation.  They are low-cost and a great option for the initial intervention for the troubled teenager.


  • Wilderness Therapy- This type of united healthcare behavioral health for teenagers aims to help the teens to understand their wrong behavior through rugged and intense outdoor experience.  Aside from the fact that they can lead to great result, they can also improve the health of your kids which reduce their depressions.


  • Residential Treatment- This is a type of therapy that is conducted at the Affordable Residential Treatment Centers.  This will not only help them in eliminating their poor behavior, but the residential facility will also help in introducing positive behaviors to the teens.


Never let the cost discourage you from seeking professional help.  Our company offers a lot of option that will provide a solution for your problems.  Call us immediately and inquire about a more affordable solution that will put an end to your misery.  We have financial representatives that can walk you through the different treatments available that will not be costly but will also be effective. 


North Star is prepared to reduce the economic weight for those who are qualified, if insurance coverage is verified.  To find out if your child qualifies for treatment coverage, please submit your information here on the Verification of Benefits page.