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Therapeutic Interventions for Teenagers that Work


If you are one of the parents who is dealing with troubled teen, it can seem like a never-ending fight. There are many reasons why teenagers become troubled. One of the main reasons that teens become troubled is depression. Many times, depression leads to risk-taking, self-harm, and substance abuse in teenagers. There are also major potential risks of antidepressants.


This was the case with a girl who we will refer to as Jenny. Jenny was a good student until she entered 11th grade. Within a few months of starting school, she had become uninterested with her studies and started to disconnect from her friends and activities that she use to enjoy. Her parents did not think much of it at the time, as they believed that she was just under a lot of stress at school.  When her report card came home, and her parents saw that her marks were slipping, they pushed her to get better marks. By the end of the Christmas holidays, Jenny and her parents were always fighting about something. At that time, her parents did not know that she had started to take pain killers to numb the pain that she was feeling. When school opened in January, Jenny was asked to see the school counselor because her grades had not improved before the holiday break.


After speaking with Jenny, the school counselor recommended that she should see a therapist to find out what was causing all the negative thoughts and the way that she had felt the last 6 months. Jenny did not tell her parents about the meeting and went on with her daily life, and continued taking the pain killers. The school counselor called home after asking if Jenny had told her parents and if she had been getting help. Her parents were shocked to find out about the meeting and took the recommendation from the school counselor to take Jenny to the therapist. After a few meetings with the therapist, Jenny was found to have chronic depression. Speaking with both Jenny and her parents, the therapist covered the options of therapeutic interventions for teenagers that could work for Jenny. This included the local teenage depression rehab centers. They decided that the best course of action was group therapy for troubled youth, and having weekly meetings with the therapist.  Even though Jenny still deals with her chronic depression today, thanks to the therapeutic interventions for teenagers that she completed her now has the tools she needs to live without pain killers or anti-depressants.


Working With a Therapist to Create Therapy for Troubled Youth


Jenny’s parents had many types of options to pick from, so they worked closely with the therapist to make sure that Jenny was getting the help that she needed. There are various options for therapeutic interventions for teenagers, and speaking with a therapist is the first step that you need to take to help your teenager. A therapist can help find the reason your teenager has made a huge change, and help you pick the best option of the therapy for troubled youth.


There is no one way of treating a troubled teen, as there are many reasons why teenagers become troubled in the first place. Depression is just one of the reasons, but family life, school, stress, and friends all play an important part in a teen’s behavior. Working with a therapist is one of the best ways of finding the cause of the teen’s behavior.


Once the cause of the troubled behavior is found, the therapist can start looking into the local options of therapy for troubled youth to come up with a plan. This plan can include meetings, private individual therapy, and group therapy.


Since there is a huge variety of therapy for troubled youth, it is possible that you will not like all the suggestions that are made. Some parents are against sending their teens to teenage depression rehab centers or to therapy camps because they cannot visit their child during the therapy. There are also some therapies that work better for some teens than others. This means that other suggestions can be made as new information is provided.


Therapy for troubled youth can change as time goes on, as the therapist learns what therapies work or do not work for the teen. For many teens, their therapy can change to help the teen and the family cope with the behavioral changes that occur.


If you are worried about your teenager or are looking into therapy for troubled youth, you should contact our office. We can help you find the resources you need and will help you come up with plan for the therapeutic interventions for teenagers that will help your teen. We work closely with you and your teenager to make sure that they get the help they need to be successful in life.