When to Step in after Noticing a Child’s Depression
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Residential Treatment Centers for Depression


Helping youth with depression can be quite a challenge. Parents can be at a loss of what to do when they start seeing changes in their children that they do not understand. Some parents are not even around long enough to notice that something has changed. They wake up one day, and the child they once knew is a completely different person. This was the case for Michael.


He was always away for work most of the time and his wife always took care of the children. His wife had been telling him how their son had all of a sudden become a different person but that he attributed that to becoming a teenager. After much complaining from his wife, he decided to observe these changes and see whether there was anything weird and to determine what course of action would tighten the reins on what seemed like a runaway carriage.


After about two weeks he noticed that some things were not normal. Why had he lost so much weight all of a sudden? Why had he isolated himself from people he used to love hanging out with? Why was he moody and sad all the time? He indicated to his wife that this could have been abnormal and that they should try talking to their son about seeing the family doctor.


They convinced him to see the doctor, and if nothing was wrong, they would put the matter to bed.


After his appointment, the doctor referred him to a psychologist. His parents were shocked to learn that he had actually been suffering from depression. He did not understand why this was happening and neither had his parents. He started seeing the psychologist only to discover that there were issues concerning self-esteem and body insecurities that he needed to work through.


Depression in Children


How does life as a depressed child look like? How are children able to handle themselves through depression even though they do not understand what is going on? How do they get through this and live to the fullest in spite of this? Many parents ask themselves the same questions as they have teens with low self esteem who are depressed but they do not know how to help their children.


Teenagers often go through depression because of the numerous changes in their lives. Girls are more likely to suffer from depression than boys in their late teens and even later on in life. It is even more difficult to tell the difference between depression and the usual turmoil that is associated with being a teenager.


Causes of Depression in Teenagers


For people to participate in helping youth with depression, they need to understand that there are different causes of depression, some of which include:

  • Genetics
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Witnessing violence or going through abuse
  • Having circumstances that negatively affect the child such as bullying, peer pressure and self-esteem issues


Treatment for Depression


There are different treatments for each of these. One of this is to check them into residential treatment centers for depression. This does depend on the severity as there are those who can comfortably get better in outpatient facilities. Other modes of adolescent depression treatment include:

  • Seeking the services of a psychiatrist or a therapist as they are licensed professionals who are skilled in dealing with such issues
  • Offering the child full support at all times so that they feel loved and able to overcome the depression
  • Putting an end to some of the environmental influences such as bullying in schools in order to provide a more accepting environment
  • Dealing with some incidences through the legal system, such as physical and sexual abuse by perpetrators for those who have undergone such trauma causing them to be depressed
  • Establishing regular sleeping patterns by being constantly involved in the child’s life
  • Enrolling a child into therapeutic boarding schools for depression which are specially equipped to deal with these cases


The only way in helping youth with depression when they are part of the family is to reach out early enough. Do not wait until things are unmanageable. Research, read through various materials online, contact us for more information and receive the help that you require for your child, yourself and everyone who is affected.  Take the online assessment to help you identify the specific concerns your child may be experiencing.  We are waiting to provide you with the best help.