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Steady Structure can Help with Troubled Teens


The Structure addresses the Schedule and Supervision and Structure that supports the Clinical aspect, as well as the Academic aspect of the program.


The Structure and Treatment provided at North Star Treatment Center is rigorous and holds each teen boy accountable to the expectations that are set forth within the Structure of the program.  The Structure of the program provides point values that are earned by each teen boy based on their compliance to positively participate, partially participate, or not.  Because the Structure of the program operates on the basis of choice, each teen boy comes to understand that their choices can affect their privileges for things they earn, or things they do not.  We set forth a minimal expectation for completion of tasks, and assignments that brings forth steady consistent progress.  The Structure at North Star Center has been proven to help with troubled teens success for life.


How North Star's Structure can Help with Troubled Teens?


The following schedule is a basic outline of what can be expected at North Star.  Please keep in mind, the schedule changes according to privileges earned by each boy, and the level a boy obtains in the program.

North Star's DAILY Schedule (Mon-Fri):

Schedule may change depending on the increase of youth in each family unit, as well as when therapy sessions occur
    7:00 AM         Wake up, Rise and Shine
7:30 AM
Personal Preparedness Dress in approved clothing, brush teeth, and other personal hygiene tasks)  Clean rooms, prepare for school, and review daily goal.
8:00 AM Group Therapy / Mindfulness discussion based on Daily Quote 
8:45 AM Breakfast (meal rules MUST be upheld)
9:00 AM Group Therapy/ Daily Goals    (2hrs)                         
  Individual Therapy (Between 9am and 5 pm, depending on therapist Schedule)                                                                
11:00 AM Social Skills Development (1 hour)
12:00 PM Clean up 
  Group Therapy/ Social Skills Development / Outdoor Activity  -  (1 hr)
12:45 PM Lunch (Meal rules MUST be upheld) Remember serving order is to be followed). Clean up dining area after each meal
1:00 PM School begins
3:45 PM Snack
4:00 PM Break
4:15 PM Resume School
5:45 PM School Ends /Return School Supplies /  Prepare for dinner
6:00 PM Dinner (Meal rules MUST be upheld) Remember serving order is to be followed). Clean up dining area after each meal, 
6:30 PM

Shower Structure  Shower length and order based on level order: highest level first (refer to handbook).  Exceeding your shower time will affect daily points.

7:00-9:00 Group Therapy / PPC
8:00 PM Evening Snack  
9:15 PM Personal Clean up -  brush your teeth and wash your face then neatly put away personal hygiene items in designated area and proper place
9:45 PM Quiet Time -  Journal daily evaluation / how you accomplished your daily goal / set new daily goal for tomorrow.  What improvements you’ve made, and what you would have done differently (1 page)
10:00 PM

Bedtime - in room and in bed / lights out


Friday movie night STAR Level and up Starts at 8 PM