Joe Ah Quin

Executive Director

We are happy to introduce our Exec. Director, Mr. Joe Ah Quin to the North Star Team. Joe comes with the education, knowledge, and experience that is a great fit for North Star Treatment Center. His passion and enthusiasm is motivated by leading others to better their lives.  He believes in the philosophy that self-improvement is sculpted by helping others.

Joe comes to North Star with years of experience in the field of working with youth and families. He has worked in youth corrections with the State of Utah with the Washington County Youth Crisis Center from 1997 to 2000.  He has worked with youth in State detention, as well as juvenile justice courts, youth foster care and youth residential treatment care.

Joe has also assisted the State of Utah organize an Alternative Program to Detention for youth who recently entered the State system to minimize increased issues with re-offending youth.  Joe has helped other treatment centers improve their standards and services while he founded and operated various centers in the State of Utah. Joe has refined the standards and services he implemented in other centers with his team through the years as a catalyst for success which he brings to North Star.  We are amazed at the enthusiasm and love that Joe has for what he does. Joe has a passion for working with youth and families, and has a keen understanding of working with people.

Joe is a loving husband and does his best to be an exemplary father.  He remains grounded by the things that matter most to him, such as his family, which includes his lovely wife and his 4 kids.

Love, enthusiasm, and a never-ending hope for people’s ability to achieve their highest purpose lies at the core of his approach to life.