Juan B


Juan was born and raised in Orange County, California. After graduating from Orange High, he became an Armored Guard; which sparked his ambition to become a Police Officer. However, moving to Utah opened a door to an unexpected career in the field of helping troubled youth.

Surprisingly he found that the job was just as rewarding and has continued to pursue the career over six years. Juan’s main drive is his wife and kids, however he also enjoys being able to watch the boys he works with grow. He finds it rewarding to work with amazing youth and see how they continue to endure growth in their wisdom that make for better people in a world he wants his own kids to grow up in. Juan has seven kids and a grandson.

His hobbies include any family-gathering activities; such as, playing card games, watching sports or movies, hiking, camping, and shooting. With a growing family of his own and all of his extended family, there is no shortage of past-times. His greatest joy about what he does is in what God gives to him and how he’s been able to share it with everyone around him.

He also greatly appreciates those who share their wisdom and experiences. Juan has a great passion for helping others. With that, he stays motivated in what he does as a Supervisor at North Star Treatment Center.